Seeking discomfort

Life is good. I have a great job, a great wife, and I love both. My health is good, my family is provided for, and I have an awesome circle of close friends. Things, from any point of view, are good.

But then why do I feel like I am in rut?

The answer, I realized only a few days back, is that I am comfortable, and comfort is opiating.

“The three most addictive things known to man, heroine, nicotine, and a monthly salary” – Nassem Taleb

The irony is that comfort is what I have been seeking. Or at least that is what I have been taught to seek. The problem is, there is no growth in comfort. And without growth, I don’t think there can be any happiness. At least for me.

What I need, I have realized, is to be at the edge of my discomfort. To get the most growth possible. As an athlete, a husband, a human being. I must constantly push myself to realize my true potential.

“Growth is the only evidence of life” – John Henry Newman

So that is my pledge, to actively seek discomfort. To do things that scare me. And I don’t mean jumping off a cliff, or walking among cobras like this dude (those fears I have no intention of getting over, at least not yet), but fears that have held me back in life. Two of my biggest fears have been the fear of failure and a fear of if I will be up to the challenge. The latter probably more debilitating for me than the former.

Am I really capable of all the things I want to do? Am I up for the challenge? The answer really is quite simple, jump in and find out.

UPDATE: I had written this a while back and found it in my notes today. Although I have jumped into discomfort, the call for comfort still is quite tempting. Finding it was a good reminder of what I need to do. The question isn’t if I am up to it, there is only the desire to make it happen. The question really is how badly do I want it. Perhaps that is the first part of the answer to my question.



4 thoughts on “Seeking discomfort

  1. True that the call of comfort is tempting…that is what makes us go through discomfort at times: that beckoning light at the end of the tunnel! I find it more of a cycle…you overcome hardships for achieving some kind of comfort (mental, material…) and then you realize you’re “stuck in rut”. So begins another marathon to reach the next light….


  2. Nice thoughts. Always keep the “peak-end rule” in mind when I’m in a new adventure. Clear your mind once you have taken the plunge!


  3. Well comfort fosters sameness & familiarity and we become comfortable around our behaviour and the outcomes of our behavipur wheras discomfort drives disruption. Discomfort propel us to innovate and break rules. There is hardly any learning without discomfort and there is certainly no adaptation without it….


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