Kettlebells for Runners

Happy new year Runners! May this year, you lay the foundation for lifelong health, fitness, friendship and fun!

Are you ready to log the miles in 2018? Chase down that half-marathon and beat your 5K in the process? Great! Am here to support your goals.

My name is Amitoj, and I am a sport psychologist, performance coach, and lifelong athlete. At various points in the past, I have also been a program manager, a computer engineer, and coached basketball, cricket, and CrossFit.

Kettlebells for runners is a fitness program exclusively for runners. I know you guys and girls love to run, so the program is designed to support exactly that goal, without any frills. Running can cause a lot of wear and tear on the body. Over time, slight imbalances and misalignments can become major problems owing to the high mileage day you all log.

The kettlebell was the chosen tool of the Russian army for centuries, and still is. If you know only one thing about the Russian army, it is that they go always go simplicity and robustness. And the kettlebell is just that – it is a singular tool that provides massive performance enhancements and one that is almost impossible to go destroy (with minor care). You have probably seen it lying around in the gym, a cannonball with a handle attached to it, or a heavy tea kettle made of solid iron. It is virtually indestructible and a tool that builds strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability.

So here is my promise to you, two kettlebell training sessions per week and you will become a stronger and healthier runner. You will gain all of the usual benefits of kettlebell training, but those are just the added bonus. Most importantly you will improve your times and reduce chances of injury.

Kettlebells offer three unique benefits to runners that are almost impossible to replicate using a barbell or dumbbell:

  1. High volume training – the kettlebell foundation is laid with explosive exercises that run into hundreds of reps in a single session.
  2. Glute and hamstring emphasis – just about every kettlebell movement requires more stability and core strength than the same with a barbell or kettlebell. And just about every move requires maximal efficiency from your glutes and hamstrings, the primary muscles for running propulsion. In addition, they teach coordination of the glutes and hamstrings along the core and shoulder, depending on the exercise.
  3. More efficiency in generating impulse and relaxing – Running speed depends on two major factors, the speed and magnitude of the contraction of the muscles, and the speed with which the same are relaxed. This might be a novel concept to many, we can talk more about it in person if you’d like.

And these are in addition to the other benefits of kettlebell training. You can read more about it here.

Program basics:

  • Class schedule: I am offering two morning and two evening classes with some leeway in terms class timings. Morning classes all weekdays (and possibly Saturday depending on demand), and evening classes Mon through Thursday (Friday depending on demand). You can attend up to 4 classes per week. Please bear in mind these are training sessions and not workouts. My goal here is not to tire you out, but to teach mastery over movement, and get you stronger and leaner. At the end not only will you look the part, but you will be able to live it as well

NOTE FOR RUNNERS: Based on demand, two classes can be converted exclusively for runners

  • Slots per class: Max of 12, slots must be booked a day in advance. This is the most that I can have in a class and still pay enough attention to each of you
  • Optional: I say optional but very strongly recommend purchasing your own kettlebell. Once gentlemen can toss around a 16 kg KB and ladies a 12 kg one, the KB will be your friend for life. ‘Tis said you never really own a kettlebell, merely take care of it for the next generation. Let this be your legacy. You should be ready for your own kettlebell in about 6-8 weeks of training.
  • Team offers: I very strongly encourage couples to train together. And parents to train with their children (over 13 years). Special pricing is available. Bring your best friend or partner in crime and train together. The challenges of life are no fun alone!
  • Challenge of the Year: The 10,000 swings challenge. 4-5 sessions a week, 500 swings per session. Gentlemen with a 24 kg KB, ladies with a 16 kg. This simple challenge will build a new you. Fat loss, lean muscle mass gain, stronger grip, stronger core, more powerful you! We will start talking about it once you can handle the required weight. It is powerful goal for the second half of the year. July if you are really strong, and a second chance in Nov. Details when we get to that bridge.