Kettlebells Basics


Warm up:
– Cat camel 10x
– Front planks (single exhale) 5-10 s hold – 5x
– Curl ups 10x (5 each leg, 10s hold)
– Bird dogs 10x (5 each leg, 5s hold)
– Side planks 2x (10s hold)

– Inverted hamstring stretch 5x each side (2s hold)
– Sumo squat to stand 5x
– Hip flexor stretch

Kettlebell warm up

3 rounds of 
– Waist circles 5x each direction
– Halos 5x each side
– Goblet squat 5x
– Glute bridges 5x

– 1 arm swings 12 rounds of 5L/5R (total 120)
– 10s Front plank hold after each round of 10 total swings

After completing 12 rounds

Squats with partner (one person squats while other rests)


Then Turkish get up practice 3 each side