Saturday, 23 Sept 2017

4 rds
Chest press TRX
Single leg deadlift KB
Med ball squat to throw to partner

2 rds
Sprinter starts TRX
Shoulder press

2 rds
Single leg squats
Med ball push ups

Friday, 22 Sept 2017

Mobilization and activation

Cat camel
Back big 3
Hardstyle plank
Kettlebell warm up
Jump rope warm up


3 Rounds of
KB Swings 7x
Jump rope 100x 50x
Alt Lunges 7x each side

3 rounds
KB swings 7x
Jump rope 50x
Alt diagonal lunges 7x each side

3 rounds
KB Swings 7x
Jump rope 50x

Wednesday, 20 Sept 2017

Mobilization and activation

Cat camel
Greatest stretch with a twist
Back big 3
Hardstyle planks
Hip opening sequence – Lateral split squat, hip circles, inverted hamstring with a twist
Med ball throws to partner


30 second circuit/15 sec to change stations/ 60 second rest after 2 rounds. Total 4 rounds of each circuit.

Circuit 1
TRX rows
Wall balls/Med ball thruster
Alt Lunges

Circuit 2 – 1 round
Mountain climbers with sliders
TRX Chest press
KB Swings

Chest press work

Core, warm down, and stretching
Hollow body hold

Tuesday, 19 Sept

Mobilization and activation

Inverted hamstring stretch
Big 3 for back

Kettlebell warm-up

Goblet Squats


7 rounds with partner (16 minute cut-off), One person rests while one works
KB swings 7x
Air squats 7x
10s Hardstyle plank

3 rounds (with partner, alternating)
One arm one leg deadlift to row
Push ups

Stretch and warm down